Laura Dold

10 Tips to Become a More Successful PR Po

Matthew Royse

December 4, 2012


            No matter what profession one chooses to follow or dedicate their schooling to, standing out is never not on option. Every one wants to be the best or at least top 5, successful and recognized. For public relations being a somewhat cut throat profession, Matthew Royse breaks down 10 things he believes will help people become a more successful PR pro. Not only is his knowledge advice about public relations but also life situations, his 10 tips are useful in every day life that can relate to public relations to the tee.

           There are a few that stood out to me that I don’t always think about on a regular bases and after reading them I found myself comparing these tips to other life experiences. Doing your homework is the first key, before you do anything in life know the background information of either a person, an assignment, a reading, a company, an organization etc. Know what they do or what it covers. Research, which is step one to the being even a PR pro in the first place. Don’t settle, learn something new and try to better yourself. Signing up for conferences and attending training courses can do nothing but good for oneself. I can definitely be lazy when I don’t have anything to do and I should always find something to do.  Developing deeper relationships I know has always been important to me in school and I know will be even more important in the workforce, but to remember how powerful and memorable little things such as handwritten notes can be or other one-on-one, face-to-face interactions are than just phone calls and e-mails. Just because we have technology doesn’t mean we need to use it. I truly think people will recognize the effort and think differently of someone or something if it isn’t just e-mailed. But hand delivered or verbal communication. Take advantage of social media I know is something everybody needs to invest time into. It is tedious at times and can be totally against what you as a person is all about, however, use it to find story ideas and sources. Follow professionals on twitter and read others blogs, have a blog yourself, find out who is online and contact them. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


       Then of course, prioritize; use free PR tools, manage time and becoming a better writer are all factors that play into becoming a pro. And lastly, networking which

I have always heard about and believe is one of the most or most important when becoming a PR pro. When you think about it, if you follow all the tips above, developing deeper relationships, using social media and don’t settle etc, are all leading to you to networking. It is inevitable. It’s all about who you know and doing all those are introducing you to new people, building relationships, and building up your networks that will lead you nothing to success. These people you have come to associate with can help you find jobs, actually get jobs, tell you where you need to be, what you should be doing differently and who else you need to contact to get all of this. All leading you to becoming the best PR pro. 


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