Laura Dold

Why We Are Who We Are

Deirdre Breakenridge

December 3, 2012

This article doesn’t necessarily have a story, but I liked it because it was short and sweet and kind of put PR people into a different kind of perspective for me. Deirdre, who I follow on twitter, said public relations focuses on building and nurturing a mutual understanding between an organization, individual or cause and those public whose livelihood or even life is impacted by one or more of those three. Public relations is always defined as such a professional practice of managing, exposing or persuasion of an individual or organizations, but when Deirdre defines public relations as she did it just makes it seem so much more friendlier and a truly caring and beneficial profession out there. Public relations is supposed to make you look good and turn your lemon situations into lemonade not for just their sake, but understanding of the situations.

“With great power comes great responsibility” and that is what public relations professionals are for. She says this reminder is not always welcomed but its necessary because any danger their individual or organization are in they are representing. They are all about stepping in and clearing up confusion with “sound counsel, strategic thinking and decisive action.” Again, just some other words that I haven’t really heard about when learning or reading about public relations.

We all know about the steps public relations professionals need to take but more importantly- advice is the important function of the professional. They have the knowledge of the social sciences, group behavior, appraisal or hopes and needs, teamwork, leadership and experience in coping with problems. They know all about the who, the what, the where, the when, the why and th


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